411: Powered by Age Podcast – Podcast One

1. Music Intro

2. Voice Intro: Welcome to the podcast (John)

3. Segment one: How the Podcast Was Born
Voice intro: John interviews Leslie Remund of 411 about how she came up with the idea for the podcast.

4. Segment two: The History of the 411 Centre – The Untold Stories.
This segment will be a look back at the history of the 411 Centre and will feature interviews and stories from people involved in the centre and the history of the building. Segment producers: Willem, Mayumi and Ivy, with interviewees Stuart Alcock, Betty Porteous

5. Lead-in to storytelling segment (with John)

6. Segment Three: Storytelling
This segment will feature true stories as told by Mayumi and Taylore

7. Thank yous and outro (with John)

8. Music outro

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